Much like a conductor of a symphony can see what each individual instrument is playing at the same time by looking at her Orchestral Score, the Staging Score allows the Stage Write user to see the detail of choreography, blocking, traffic, timing of every moving piece in their production at the same time, and see how it corresponds to the musical counts or lines of dialogue in the production in as much detail as the user desires.

The Staging Score also links the spacing charts so the user can easily see where the performers are standing and flip back and forth to see the location of the performers and the detail of what they are doing in those locations.

By utilizing the patented Whiting Method of documentation, the user can enter all of the actions and choreography for all performers.  This allows the user to see 'at-a-glance' what every person is doing at a specific moment.

User can choose to document the blocking and staging using the SCRIPT method, as well.