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STAGE WRITE used on broadway, national and international tours

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capture creativity with stage write


documenting staging and choreography can be a tedious process. STAGE WRITE makes it simple to accurately document the staging, choreography and spacing for any theatrical production or special event. Since its release in 2012, it has been embraced by the entertainment community and is being used by numerous Broadway and National Tour productions, as well as thousands of high-profile entertainment companies, regional theatres, community theatres, schools and universities around the globe.



Document the positions and traffic patterns of actors, scenery, props, and all of the moving parts of a production, by creating snapshot views of every formation and movement in accurate dimension.

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staging score

The Staging Score allows you to document movement and choreography in line with counts or dialogue of a production. The Whiting Method allows for the most concise and streamlined way of documentation.



Import a script and add blocking, light cues and any other notes for quick and efficient reference. The script can be linked to the charts in order to see where each element is at every moment of the show.

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