• Do you offer promotions or discounts?

    The short answer is yes, we do offer discounts. There is also a free version of the app for a potential user to use the main features to get a grasp on Stage Write at a basic level before purchasing.

    The Student(Lite) version of the software is at a lower price point in the web system. This version of the app will have full functionality for ONE production. 

    Educational institutions or Enterprises interested in licensing multiple Stage Write app licenses can contact office@stagewritesoftware.com for customized pricing and more information.


  • Can I import my scenic designer’s ground plan?

    You can upload any jpeg file into the application for use in your production. 


    First, if it’s a PDF file, you should save that image as a JPG file and be sure to crop the image to the area that you want to include on the app.  

    Save the image to your iPad.  If you have emailed the file to yourself and open it on your iPad, you can easily save the image to your Photo Gallery by a ‘long-hold’ on the image itself in the email.  Select ‘Save Image’.


    Once you have the JPG file in your photo gallery on your iPad, you want to IMPORT that file into your production:

    Open your production, then go to:

    Settings >Set Pieces>Import

    Here you can ‘Select Image’ from:

    • iTunes Share
    • Photo Gallery  

    Select the image you want to import.  

    • Give that image a name.
    • Give that image a dimension.  This will be the dimension of the entire image, including any white space on the image.
    • Hit SAVE.

    The app will then take you to the ‘Set Piece List’, where you will see the name of the image you just saved.

    Now, hit DONE.


    If you want to import that design onto the Permanent Layer of the production, go to: Settings>Stage Dimensions>Edit Permanent Stage

    Here you will see the permanent layer for you to edit.  Anything you place on this page will show up on every chart in your production.  

    If you want to insert the scenic design that you just saved, just hit the ‘Set Piece’ button. 

    There is a library of set pieces already in the app, but if you scroll to the bottom of this list, you will see any of the saved set pieces you imported to your production.  

    • Select the image you want to import and it will appear on the stage in the dimensions you designated.  
    • Drag the image to the place where you’d like it to appear.

    Then, once you’re happy with it’s location, hit the back button to ‘Stage Dimensions’, which will return you to ‘Stage Dimension’ page.  

    Hit ‘Done’ and you can begin to edit the charts.

    There is an online tutorial of this process on our youtube channel.

    Look at GETTING STARTED – Part 1 and Part 2, which includes a visual description to uploading a scenic design.


  • I don’t see the set piece I created?

    Did you create a set piece and it doesn’t show up (or shows up like a gray square)? When you give the set piece a dimension, keep in mind that the software will crop the image at the dimension you gave. For example, if you have a set piece that is 10 x 10, the app will capture everything that lies between 0 x 0 (bottom left corner) and 10 x 10. Make sure you have placed every part of the image you want to see within those dimensions.


  • How do I change the dimensions of my production?

    Once you have set the dimensions of your stage and added any scene or set piece, the production will lock in at the dimension you gave it. If you want to change the dimensions you can either delete your scene list or set pieces and you’ll see you can edit the dimensions. OR, you can tap ‘Save As’ and choose different dimensions. You’ll give it a new name and you can choose to either keep the same dimensions or enter new dimensions. This will create a duplicate of the entire production at the new dimension without having to re-do any of your work.


  • What platforms and devices is Stage Write compatible with?

    The current version of Stage Write is only available as an app for iPad. We are excited to be launching a web based app this spring that will not only be available as an iPad app, but will allow users to use any device with a common web browser. Users will be able to access all the features of Stage Write in the new Web App. Join our email list so we can let you know as soon as the new update launches!


  • What do I do if I am experiencing a type of glitch or bug?

    Please let us know via email (office@stagewritesoftware.com) if you find any abnormality as you are using the app. We have friendly and quick response team to take care of any issues.


  • What are some of the new features in the works?

    The Stage Write web app, to be released later this spring, will feature all the current features of Stage Write, plus new features including:

    1. Production sharing and collaboration in real time.
    2. Tiered subscription pricing; including a free version, student/lite version and unlimited version.
    3. Import a script and add blocking, light cues and any other notes for quick and efficient reference. The script can be linked to the charts in order to see where each element is at every moment of the show. 
    4. Create a customized number line.
    5. Free-hand drawing.
    6. Unlimited cloud storage for all productions to be saved and backed up.
    7. Staging Score (a previous In-App Purchase) will be an included feature. The Staging Score allows you to document movement and choreography in line with counts or dialogue of a production.