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We believe the makings of great theatre and performance start in the classroom with passionate and driven teachers working to inspire students.


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Our mission at Stage Write is to enable artists to capture their creativity. We are pleased to share this mission with you and your classroom through our Stage Write Education Initiative. This allows institutions to purchase subscriptions for their students and faculty at a significantly reduced cost.Stage Write Software is easily accessible inside and outside the classroom. Students and faculty can login to their accounts online via a Chrome or Firefox Browser or in the Stage Write Anywhere iPad app. 


Give your students a head start with the most-used app in the theatre industry. Stage Write Software now appears in stage management and directing courses and curriculums around the world. With this interactive web system you can collaborate with and monitor your students as they: capture blocking, notate traffic patterns, track set pieces and props, and create a calling script with cues (light/sound/SFX). Challenge students to set up a production with stage dimensions, a ground plan, actor icons, and customized set pieces and props so they are prepared to oversee all the elements of a complex production.


Stage Write allows you to track every moving element in your institution’s production, so getting everyone on the same page has never been easier:

  • Director organizes blocking in advance

  • Choreographer plans choreography and formations

  • Stage Manager tracks props and scenic shifts

  • Dance Captain captures formations and traffic patterns

  • Lighting Designer understands where to focus lights

  • Costume Designer plans location of quick-changes

  • Sound Designer knows who is on stage in each scene

  • Cast Members view script and review blocking



Director Bundle $99.99

Includes a one year UNLIMITED subscription and also an unlimited number of VIEW-ONLY subscriptions so all your students can see (but not edit) changes as they are made. 

Creative Team Bundle $135.99

Includes three 6-month UNLIMITED subscriptions (usually a director/choreographer/stage manager) and an unlimited number of view-only subscriptions so all your students can see (but not edit) changes as they are made. 

Stage Write Educational Initiative (starting at $599.90)

Discount for 10+ annual subscription purchases. This includes the UNLIMITED version of the app for each student so they can create their own productions or work collaboratively to edit a production together. More information on back.

VIEW-ONLY subscriptions are normally $0.99 per month per user, but these classroom bundles give you the ability to add all of your students at no additional cost (this would be about $30 of savings per month for a classroom of 30 students). Everyone will have their own account (managed by an admin) to log in and access the app (the web app in a Chrome or FireFox web browser, or the free iPad app). Teachers have really appreciated students being able to log in and access their production on their personal devices, and not only devices at school. 


See the educational bundles we are currently offering above and reach out to us at to get started.

We look forward to helping you and your students capture creativity with Stage Write!

- Stage Write Software Team