Once the stage dimensions have been set, you can draw and create any set pieces, or palettes you will use in your show. You can also choose to import the drawings from the designer if you prefer. These pieces will hold in the 'wings' until you want them onstage. Set Pieces can be accessed by selecting the gear icon and then Set Pieces in the Production Settings menu.

Create a New Set Piece

To create a new set piece, select the Create button in the Set Pieces menu found in Production Settings. This will bring up the Set Piece Lab in which you can draw your set piece. Enter the name of the piece (i.e. bedroom pallate) and the dimension of the palette.

You can draw shapes and add text by hitting the drawing tools icon which will allow you to draw squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles, arcs, lines, arrows, curtains, and customized lines and curved lines, arrows and free hand drawing. Choose the item you want to add to the set piece and it will appear in the lab and you can re-size the item by dragging the upper right corner of the object. Then you can move the object into the correct position and scale. Select Save once you have completed the piece.

You can also use some of the stock set pieces in the StageWrite catalogue of chairs, benches, couches, stairs, instruments, tables, or you can use pieces you have previously imported. Access stock set pieces by clicking the set pieces icon.

NOTE: Once a created set piece has been placed onto any chart, the dimensions of that set piece cannot be changed. If you wish to change the dimensions, you can simply delete it from the charts and re-edit the piece and then add the set piece to the charts again once you've finished.

Import Set Piece

Easily import any design into the set piece list by selecting Import in the Set Pieces menu. This will bring up the Import Set Piece menu. Click Select Image then choose the image you want to import from your device. Be sure to give the image a name and enter the dimensions of the piece. This way the imported image will remain the same on every page. Once you have selected the image, named it and entered the dimensions, select Save to add it to the saved list of set pieces.