Performer Icons

Select the gear icon and then Performers. Create unique performer icons by tapping the Add button, which will bring up the New Performer menu. On this menu, you can enter the Performer Name and the text you want to appear inside the icon.

Note: It is useful to keep the text for icon short or abbreviated so you will be able to easily read and recognize the text on the icon as it is placed on charts throughout the production.

Customize Performers

Resize Icon Text: Resize the text using the 'Text Scale' slider. Slide the scale to easily adjust the size of the text in the performer icon. A preview shows how the icon will look.

Choose the Shape: Choose square, circle, or diamond shape for the performer icon.

Choose Shape/Border/Text Color: Select color for shape, border and text.

Edit the Icon: Once you have entered the information, tap 'Save' which will save the actor icon and add them to the 'Green Room' for when you need them on stage. If you decide you want to adjust the icon later, you can always change the icon by selecting the performer from the Performers menu and editing the performer information. For example, if you ever replace a performer in the show, you can easily re-name the icon and the updated icon will appear on every chart in the show.


pictures in performer icons

If you would like to have pictures of people instead of names you have the option to import a performer. Select Import (instead of Add) from the Performers menu in Production Settings. Then simply name your performer and choose an image to import for the photo.