Setting Stage Dimensions (Permanent Layer)

In order to create and edit charts you MUST first set the dimensions of your stage/playing space. Navigate to the Production Settings menu by clicking the gear icon inside the production or in the production thumbnail on the home screen.

In the Production Settings menu, select Stage Dimensions. Select either feet or meters for your project. Enter the width of the stage, depth of the stage and off-stage width. We recommend always creating some off-stage space so you can line up the performers and set pieces for entrances and exits, show positions for costume changes, etc.

NOTE: Once you have set the dimensions of your space and created any set pieces or scenes, the stage dimensions cannot be changed. If you need to change the dimensions without redoing your work select Save As and enter the new dimensions in a new production. This will allow you to change the dimensions without losing any work.

Edit Permanent Stage

Once you have set the dimensions of your stage, select Edit Permanent Stage. You can now draw any permanent elements of your stage. You can draw any structural elements that never move during your production - and these will show up on every chart. For example, you can draw the proscenium arch, wings, and any other permanent elements you want displayed on every chart in your production. Click the drawing tools button or the set pieces button to add them to your permanent layer. Learn how to import a stage plan here.

Create Custom Number Line

From the productions home screen or while inside a production select the gear icon > Stage Dimensions > Edit (next to 'Custom Number Line'). Enter appropriate values in the boxes above the line to customize your number line.