Create a new production

Create New Production

To create a new production, select the plus icon next to Productions on the home screen. Enter the name of the production. Select Charts and Staffs or Charts and Script and click Add. (Refer below for the difference between Staffs and Script). This will take you to the Production Details tab of the production Settings menu.

Charts and Staging Score

Staging Score is the method for detailing what the performers are doing while they are in their spacing positions. By utilizing the Whiting Method of documentation, the user can enter all of the actions and choreography for all performers. For moments that have no musical timing, a timeline is implemented.  For musical numbers, a 'staff' of counts is implemented.  In the 'staff' the dialogue, or lyrics all align along the timeline.  Each actor has their own line under that staff upon which the actions or choreography can be documented according to the count or moment in time.  This allows the user to see 'at-a-glance' what every person is doing at a specific moment much like a musician sees a musical score.

Charts and Script

The Charts and Script option allows the user to import a script to keep blocking notes or insert light cues on in order to create a calling script.

Production Details

On the Settings menu in the Production Details tab enter or edit the name of the production, list the names of the creators of the show and the production date in their corresponding fields. Production Details can be easily accessed and edited in the future by clicking the gear icon on the toolbar once your production is open.

Import Logo

To import a custom show logo, select Select Image in the logo section and choose the desired image from your photo gallery. This logo will appear at the bottom of each chart in your production and on the Productions home screen.

Delete Logo

From the productions home screen or while inside a production select the gear icon > Production Details > Clear (in the logo section) > Save.

  Production Details  tab on the  Settings  menu.

Production Details tab on the Settings menu.