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About STage Write Software

Stage Write Software, a division of Open Jar Productions, is dedicated to the creation of software and digital solutions for the entertainment community, including Broadway shows and special events around the world.  Launched in 2012, Stage Write Software is being used by the industry's top professionals, including over 50,000 users worldwide.

> Track Performer staging

> Draw Traffic Patterns

> Detail Choreography

> Import Script

> Insert Cues (LX, SFX, EFX)

> Track Props/Scenery

> Link Charts with Script

> Share with Collaborators

> Use on iPad, computers, tablets

> Work offline on iPad


Any stage manager, director or choreographer will attest that the process of documenting staging and choreography is a tedious process. Until Stage Write, there was no consistent method available except that of hand-drawn charts (which are unappealing, often inaccurate and difficult to share). With our unique digital method the user only needs to enter the stage dimensions ONE TIME, create an actor icon ONE TIME, and then easily drag the icons into the desired positions. The Stage Write method saves you time to focus on what really matters in the rehearsal room. The final product is clean, clear and easy-to-share. It lives on your device for easy reference and collaboration.



In addition to the timesaving value of Stage Write, there is a large environmental and economic advantage to embracing the digital. Most musicals and productions require thousands of pages of spacing charts, scripts and movement notes, which need to be shared by others in the production (lighting designers, stage managers, dance captains, swings). Allowing these charts to live in a digital form through use of Stage Write makes it possible to save thousands of dollars in printing and copying. Stage Write is a key to ensuring the theatre community effectively reduces its carbon footprint.



Apple launched a campaign called 'Life on iPad' where they feature outstanding apps of innovation.  They selected SIX apps from over 140,000 iPad apps and StageWrite is one of the six that is featured on their homepage. 


Tim Cook, CEO - APPLE

"This is an app that is truly transforming business in ways that we never could have imagined when we created the iPad."  StageWrite was featured on Apple’s homepage for iPad.  Excerpt from Apple's Keynote in October 2013.



"Transforming theatre!" -  As featured in ABC's BROADWAY BACKSTAGE Segment in Fall of 2012.



"Quickly making inroads" -  As featured in WALL STREET JOURNAL feature on April 5, 2012.



"It has changed the whole process of creating a musical" 

      - as Featured in the Fall Issue of SDC JOURNAL.

As seen on APPLE's homepage for iPad

As seen on APPLE's homepage for iPad

As seen in VARIETY

As seen in VARIETY